Using natural thyroid treatment options is the best option for curing your thyroid problems. You never should resort to over the counter or prescription drugs, as they tend to produce many undesirable side effects due to the harsh chemicals they use. In fact, often times they do more harm than good.

Therefore, what is the thyroid’s job, and what are the common problems that arise from this gland? The function is to produce hormones, which are used to control the metabolism. The problems arise when it either produces too many or too few hormones.

This either causes the metabolism to speed up, or slow down to a crawl. Both are serious medical conditions. Here is a description of each, to help you understand the symptoms as well as the solutions:

Natural Thyroid Treatment For Hypothyroidism

As mentioned, here the thyroid does not produce enough hormones. What are the symptoms? Since the metabolism slows to a crawl, it is often very difficult to lose weight. Other side effects of a slow metabolism are drowsiness. There are many other negative side effects as well, but these are two of the most important.

So what do you do about it?

There are tons of natural remedies that work. First, get more nutrients. In many instances, not receiving enough vitamins and minerals is the reason that the thyroid is not working properly.

In general, consuming as many raw fruits and vegetables is the best option. In particular, try to get more iodine. This is found in eggs, fish, radishes, bananas, and parsley. It is also found in other foods, but these are the best sources because they are the most natural.

It is also possible to take supplements to get it. If you do, focus on whole food supplements. However, in general getting it from foods is your best option.

Consume more selenium as well. This is what changes the T4 thyroid hormones into T3 form, which are the kind the body can use. Without this, it does not matter how many hormones the thyroid produces, because they are not natural. This nutrient can be found in Brazil nuts and walnuts, as well as tuna.

Exercise regularly. This improves blood circulation, which in turn helps transport the nutrients you consume more efficiently to the thyroid.

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Natural Thyroid Treatment For Hyperthyroidism

This is where the body produces too many hormones, which causes the metabolism to speed up dramatically. The symptoms of this problem are not being able to gain weight, tiredness, and depression.  However, while the problem is different, it is again natural thyroid treatmentcaused by the same thing-not getting enough nutrients to the thyroid gland.

The best foods to consume are fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables are ideal because they tend to regulate the hormonal production, which is why they help for both thyroid conditions. Avoid cooking vegetables, because this removes much of the minerals and vitamins from them. In particular, spinach, radishes, and fruit are the best for an overactive thyroid.

Stay away from caffeine drinks, as they tend to cause the hormonal production to increase even more. Also, avoid getting too much iodine.

Exercise regularly. Like hypothyroidism, making sure to work out on a consistent basis tends to improve blood flow, which in turn helps the nutrients get to the thyroid better. Try exercising everyday for best results. This will help cure your drowsiness and give you a huge boost of energy.


There are many natural thyroid treatment options that work. When you implement them, you will never have to buy an expensive over the counter product. Therefore, you will save money, and avoid the harmful side effects these pills and drugs can cause.

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