Hypothyroidism, which is a condition brought about when the thyroid does not produce enough hormones, can lead to many unwanted effects including weight gain. This occurs because a person’s metabolism is one of the first things to be affected by an offset in hormones.  There are many approaches to address hypothyroidism and all the symptoms that come along with it, including medical remedies like synthetic and animal derived hormone replacement and holistic solutions, such as herbal treatments.  However, many people are choosing a hypothyroidism natural treatment diet.

Basically, this is a dietary approach to effectively address symptoms of an under performing thyroid gland.  Since weight gain is one of the main unwanted effects of this health issue, those suffering with hypothyroidism should be properly guided so as not to make the situation more problematic. There are many known foods that can aggravate this situation, such as high-glycemic, low-fiber, high calorie foods.  By identifying the kinds of food to stay away from, as well as those to consume, weight gain and other unwanted conditions brought on by hypothyroidism can be avoided. Here we will give you the guidelines of a proper hypothyroidism natural treatment diet.

Foods To Stay Away From

As mentioned above, those with a high-glycemic index, low in fiber, and high in calories must be eliminated or minimized from your diet. This includes overly processed food such chips that are high in salt content, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and alcohol. Other types of food to avoid are those which are low in natural goitrogens like sweet potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, peanuts and peaches since they hinder the natural functioning of the thyroid gland.

Foods To Enjoy While On A Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment Diet

Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment DietWhen it comes to an effective hypothyroidism diet, stick to natural foods including whole grains, seafoods, nuts, and seeds.  Various vitamins and herbs can help the functioning of the thyroid such as Vitamin D, Zinc, selenium, iodine, tyrosine, bladder wrack, thyroid glandular and coconut oil. Iodine when mixed with amino acids will turn into T3 hormones, while selenium can be very beneficial in the production of T4 hormones. Foods rich in selenium include brazil nuts, brewers yeast, liver, tuna and other oily fish, sunflower seeds, lentils and cashews. Furthermore, a person suffering from hypothyroidism should also include foods which are high in iodine. These will consist of sushi, salt water fish, cod, eggs, iodized salt, kelp and seaweed

The amino acid, tyrosine, is also very important for producing the hormones.  Therefore, it is essential that foods which are rich in tyrosine like chicken breast, fish, turkey, low fat milk, yogurt, avocado, lentils, bananas, pumpkin seeds sesame seeds and almonds should be included in the diet.

Beyond The Diet

Changing the diet of a person with hypothyroidism is only one of the approaches that should be taken when choosing homeopathic thyroid treatment. Many choose natural treatment over medical hormone replacement simply because they do not want to be on prescription medication for the rest of their lives.  Many have been successful with natural treatment, however it is a multifaceted process that can be confusing for beginners.  This is where the Hypothyroidism Breakthrough comes in.

The Hypothyroidism Breakthrough

There is one holistic program that is gaining a lot of success in treating hypothyroidism effectively, The Hypothyroidism Breakthrough. This program sheds light to the many questions on the various treatments for hypothyroidism. Its central idea is that the body is exposed and contains many non-natural toxins that must be eliminated in order to actually cure hypothyroidism. The program is designed to allow the body to flush out many dangerous substances that effect the thyroid through the use of special purging ingredients as well as a hypothyroidism natural treatment diet.  People from all over the world have used this method with great success.  It is an entirely holistic approach and not a medical remedy which is known to cause unwanted side effects.  Get this step by step natural treatment plan here.

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