We will always have a desire to choose natural treatments for the various afflictions we may be suffering from as opposed to using drugs when available. However not all disease have credible natural remedies for health concious people to use. Hypothyroidism is not one of them though as there are a number of homeopathic thyroid treatment that are effective at healing the thyroid.

Our thyroid hormones help regulate the body’s metabolism. When these hormones are out of whack it can cause weight gain and increased or decreased appetite. Homeopathic thyroid treatments are taken from a wide range of natural substances such as the vegetables, herbs, minerals, chemicals and animal products in extremely minute doses. 

Homeopathic Thyroid TreatmentHomeopathic remedies make use of only natural substances to cure ailments by stimulating the body’s own immune system.  These remedies offer a long lasting cure rather than giving temporary relief because it targets the root cause of the condition and stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Among these holistic thyroid treatments is a well-known herb that is widely believed to correct the thyroid’s function. The herb we are referring to is Coleus forskohlii, also known as makandi.  This herb is a perennial plant belonging to the mint family and is grown in India. Studies conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center has led to the recommendation that 50 to 100 mg of extract from the root of this plant should be taken two to three times daily for treating hypothyroidism.

Another herb, Commiphora mukul, also known as guggul,  is another hypothyroidism natural treatment that scientist believe to stimulates thyroid functions. It is actually a resin derived from the Guggul tree which is considered medicinal.  Taking 250 to 500 mg of extract from this tree thrice daily is often recommended for treating underactive thyroid. Other herb remedies such as Bladderwrack, Kelp and  Black cohosh can ease the symptoms of hypothyroidism. These other herbs need more scientific studies, however,  in order to have a more established and sure footed support on its effectiveness as a homeopathic thyroid remedy.

Homeopathic thyroid treatment is not only limited to herbs. One well-known example is contrast hydrotherapy. This treatment works by alternating applications of hot and cold water to the neck and throat for the purpose of stimulating the thyroid gland. A cloth soaked in hot water is directly applied to the neck for three minutes after which a cloth soaked in cold water is then applied to the same area for 1 minute. Acupuncture is also another remedy being used but so far there is no scientific evidence to firmly establish its effectivness on this condition.

Popping supplements and trying different alternative therapies will not be very beneficial unless you know what you are doing.There is a holistic program today that can help give you a holistic plan to curing the thyroid without harmful medication. This plan is known as the Hypothyroidism Breakthrough.

This is not one of those supplements to take that only help mask symptoms but actually a program that aims to get rid of the condition once and for all. It’s basic idea is that the body contains lots of non-natural toxins that cause hypothyroidism. Its main approach is to rid or purge these toxins out of the body through the use of special purging ingredients as well as a revamped diet. This is a program that believes it can eliminate the condition in just 60 days or it will give you your money back.  Read testimonies from the program here.

Curing your thyroid with holistic treatments may be very slow process but there are lots of promising results from the many who opt for homeopathic thyroid treatments. The greatest advantage of this treatment is that it is an all natural remedy that is safe for the body and will cause harmful side effects.


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